My Hometown - Shaoyang


Brief introduction:
Shaoyang, historically referred to as “Baoqing”, is located in the Hunan province, in the southwest of China.
Its east neighbor is Hengyang city, the south is Lingling and Guilin areas, the west is border with Huaihua region and the north is adjacent with Loudi City. Shaoyang is located between latitude 27 ° ~ 40 ° 58 '25', longitude 109 ° 49 '~ 112 ° 57', with a total area of 20876 square kilometers, accounting for 9.8% of the total area of human province.


Shaoyang used to be called Zhaoling in 266 AD.
In 280, in order to avoid his father name, Simazhao, Simayan altered Shao Ling to Zhaoling and moved county to the northern coast of Zi River.
The Tang Dynasty set up Shao Zhou.
In Southern Song Dynasty, Zhao Yun as the prince, was appointed as Shao Zhou Defense. After he became the emperor, he named it after himself, Baoqing Fu.
The Second Year of the Republic of China (1913), Baoqing Fu was revoked and Baoqing County was set up.
In October 1949, government set up in Hunan Shaoyang District officially; and built Shaoyang City at the same time until to now.

Shaoyang city is a multi-ethnic populated area. In addition to the Han nationality, 39 minorities in Shaoyang, with a population of 393800 people, accounting for 5.94% of the total population, which are Miao, Yao, Hui, Dong, Tujia, Zhuang, Mulam, Manzhu, Buyi, Lahu, Li, Yi, Bai, Wa, Hani, Gaoshan, Mongolian, Tibetan, Dai and so on.


Qi Opera

Huagu Opera

Baoqing Bamboo-Carve Art.

Tantou New Year Pictures

1. Whitewater Cave 
Whitewater Cave Scenic Area is located in Hunan Xinshao County, natural landscape "Gaoxiapinghu", "liuquanfeibao", "underground caverns", "day", "Cave door," "White Dragon Cave" and so on. Cultural landscape monasteries, temples, arches, ancient tombs, former residence of celebrities, including well-preserved ruins of the ancient battlefield of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Sino-Japanese War sites and LI Chen Dian, Liu Ce Cheng, Liao Yaoxiang, Li, Li Gong Wang and other celebrity homes.
2. Chengbu South Mountain
City step Nanshan ranch is located 80 kilometers southwest of the county town step, the resort is located in the southern section Xuefeng Mountains, stretching over 80 years, known eighty Nanshan. She is blessed with an average elevation of 1760 meters, the 48 floor, 48 stream.
3.Yao Mountain
Chong wood Taipa village is located in tiger-shaped mountain Yao, within the village with patches of trees and hundreds of thousands of years of ancient wooden seat Yao residential buildings. The oldest of which is a surname Shen ancestors moved here for the second generation of housing for four three, only three columns per floor fan, an area of ​​about 100 square meters. After 200 years of wind and rain, it is still well preserved. There are plenty of attractions, including Old trees group, general printing, fox welcoming, beetles lay eggs, nest of bandits, Muyu stone, and stone eye in the sky.
4.Suining Huangsang:
Huangsang Reserve is located southwest of Suining County, 25 km long from north to south, east-west maximum width of 19.5 km, has an area of ​​25.5 hectares of forest, of which 23.5 million mu of primeval forest. Huangsang sights, visit the large reservoir openings, curved valley, six geese waterfall hole, Jiuxi punch, duck island, the ancient fort, hemlock, cow Potou like. Aluminum herbs Ganoderma lucidum, Tianma, Codonopsis, ears and other rock. 12 class protected animals belong to the state have a dozen. Has been called the "king of beasts" of the South China tiger, we have yields up precious than gold musk; the "Eagle Tsui tortoise", there is the rare golden pheasant and other rare birds.
5.Wugang Yunshan
Yunshan, Southwest Hunan mountains, is Xuefeng Mountain Mountains. It is located 5 km south of Wugang City, stretching dozens of things, adjoined by Wugang, Sunning, Chengbu three county boundaries. Peak elevation of 1372.5 meters, the annual average temperature of 15 ℃. Yunshan its rich natural resources and rich history of civilization in 1982 as a national nature reserve in 1992, 9 menstrual former State Forestry Department approved the establishment of a national forest park.
6. Lang Mountain
Lang Mountain Scenic Area is located in Shaoyang City. Hunan Province new County territory, including Sky Lane, chili peak, Fu Yi River, Bajiaozhai, Daisy Cave, Tianshengqiao six major scenic spots. More than 500 scenic areas have been found and named important attractions. There are three caves and a virgin forest, with a total area of ​​108 square kilometers, it is a typical landform, is the world's natural heritage, national geological park, the state AAAAA level scenic spot
Zijian Li
a famous Chinese-American oil painters, the American painter Association, the Chinese Artists Association. Works include "Mountain Girl", "pregnant", "local" series, "is safflower Series", "homeless people" series, "mother and daughter" series, "Tibet Series", "Taiwan native old friends" series, "South Asian style series "and large history paintings" 1937 Nanjing massacre "and managed the creation of a hundred pieces.
Yuan Wei
Wei Yuan, Qing Dynasty, the Enlightenment thinkers, politicians, writers, modern China "eyes to see the world," one of the pioneers. There are books, "ancient book micro", "Shi Gu Wei," "Mo Gu", "Laozi original meaning", "Sheng Wu Ji", "New Yuan Shi" and "World records," and so on.
E Cai
Cai E, formerly known as Gen Yin, the word Songpa, the main organizer and leader of the 1915 uprising in Yunnan Province to protect the country, the Republic of China founding fathers. Chinese famous modern revolutionary, strategist, politician, patriotic generals. Republic of China enjoys history as the first state funeral winning revolutionary fathers. He has launched against Yuan Shikai Hongxian protect the country and war; the early Republican China is an outstanding military leader.